Photo of Dmitry Kury Dmitry Kury

ShapesXR—Multiplayer Spatial Design

ShapesXR is a tool for designing and prototyping spatial (VR/AR) apps.

ShapesXR is like Figma but for 3D. It works in VR/AR and has multiplayer—so people can gather in shared 3D spaces to design, review, brainstorm and test ideas together.

We pivoted Tvori into a design tool after it became obvious that Tvori for animators and storytellers won't have a product-market fit any time soon. Tvori was already being used by some designers, so we started making a dedicated collaborative design tool. At firts we were building features for designers, made a collaborative viewer (Tvori itself wasn't multiplayer) and at the end built a new product called ShapesXR.

As of 2023, ShapesXR is used by Meta, Logitech, and other VR/AR companies to design their apps and experiences.